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We have completely reimagined the jury duty payment process by drastically reducing the costs associated with this necessary obligation while increasing the speed with which jurors are paid. The result is a rise in juror satisfaction and cost savings that can be allocated to higher priority initiatives.

VerityPay is the only software solution focused on direct, immediate juror compensation.

Our cutting-edge, patent-pending payment platform is designed to quickly pay jurors via their cell phone, using the latest fin-tech payment solutions.

  • Reduce costs associated with employee time and postage fees.
  • Reduce fraud associated with counterfeit check fraud schemes and other potential threats.
  • Reduce clutter associated with dormant check backlogs and endless spreadsheets.
  • Reduce time spent on low value objectives and increase productivity with higher value objectives. 
  • Improve record keeping by eliminating the backlogs of un-cashed juror checks.
  • Improve public relations by engaging with jurors in a relevant way.
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction by eliminating burnout caused by menial tasks and allowing staff to focus on more rewarding objectives.

VerityPay can reduce the expense of issuing paper cheks by more that 75%! Best of all, you won’t have the headache of long lists of dormant juror payments ever again. We even repay your current dormant backlog!


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