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A better way to manage dormant accounts.

We eliminate the challenges in record keeping that the escheatment process can cause by reducing dormancy backlog and preventing future backlog. The result is a rise in employee satisfaction and a reduction in burnout caused by an ever-increasing problem with no
end in sight.


VerityPay is the only software solution focused on escheatment prevention.

Our free, cutting-edge, patent-pending payment platform is designed to quickly reunite dormant account owners with their funds.

Reduce Fraud

Reduce fraudulent activity associated with counterfeit checks and other criminal activity.

Reduce Clutter

Reduce clutter associated with dormancy backlogs and endless spreadsheets.

Improve Record Keeping

Improve record keeping by eliminating the “serial escheaters” and prevent future ones.

Reduce Time Spent

Reduce time spent on low value objectives and increase productivity with higher value objectives.

Improve Public Relations

Improve public relations by re-engaging with customers with efforts to return their money.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve Employee Satisfaction by eliminating burnout caused by menial tasks and allowing staff to focus on more rewarding objectives.

Start reducing your dormancy backlog

for free today!

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